I’m 38, born and raised in South Africa to Danish parents which made me bilingual and also a “3rd culture kid“. We moved to Denmark when I was 10, and later I spent 3 years in the US coming-of-age.
In 2015 my family and I relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I currently work as a Frontend Developer for Q-Free.


I have 18 years of experience creating digital products and managing digital projects. From 2009-2015 I worked as a Digital Project Manager for two agencies in Copenhagen. I provided solutions for some of the country’s largest companies and freelanced for smaller ones across the globe. I have a BA in Cultural Anthropology and an M.Sc. in Digital Design & Communication from Copenhagen’s IT University.


I’ve been managing digital projects for 7 years, doing front and backend development for 10, using mainly WordPress and PHP, SASS/CSS, HTML and Javascript, as well as getting my feet wet in Angular and React.

For an updated list of my professional skills please check out my

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I enjoy…

  • hanging out with my daughter
  • chocolate (too much)
  • pick-up soccer
  • learning new development skills/technologies
  • exploring psychology/art/philosophy
  • growing my emotional health
  • doing freelance work for local businesses