Municipal Facebook App

“How are you doing?”

Under this slogan, Region Zealand sent out 34.000 questionnaires to citizens in the area, asking questions about their health. The purpose of the survey was to collect data to be used in the strategic planning of the region’s health campaigns across municipalities.

Region Sjælland approached us with a wish to set up an interactive quiz on their Facebook page. Within 10 days we provided them with a robust app platform the webmaster could edit and maintain without outside help.


– 10 day development window
– Match design to that of other apps
– Adapt quiz logic to separate outcomes
– Enable sharing of quiz result


– Initial contact and account management
– Needs assessment and contract negotiation
– Task estimation
– Management of technical build
– Delivery and training

Campaign Spot

About Region Zealand

Region Zealand is an established part of the Danish municipal reform, replacing the counties with 5 large regions.

Region Zealand has an annual budget of 15.9 billion kroner and employs about 15.000 individuals who help develop welfare in the region.