Award winning

This was the first major project I managed. It went on to win a Danish Internet Award in 2014 for ‘best newsroom site‘.

FCK is a major European football team who has played against teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and frequents the UEFA Champions League.

Design and UX was done by Spring / Summer, and implemented by us at SiteLoom on a tight deadline for the season start. The project was run as a straight waterfall project, with very little functionality changing from design to launch.

Site Features

– Responsive site layout with dynamic Isotope layout
– A complex tag-based content structure.
– A site that changes dynamically for pre-game, live-game and post-game states.
– 10+ content types
– Live match feed functionality with twitter and instagram integration
– Backend ‘MatchCenter’ interface for updating Live match feeds.
– Main content SEO-optimized in spite of using lightboxes
– Separate Mobile site.


– Facebook user integration for login – which of my friends are logging in?
– Youtube API integration both front- and backend
– Twitter API integration front- and backend
– Instagram API integration front- and backend
– Social Media sharing to Twitter and Facebook.
– Unibet Live Betting interaction and live odds.
– See and share my purchases from the FCK online store.


– 80 page design brief.
– Multiple meetings and ongoing dialog with design agency and client.
– Short and strict deadline for the season launch.
– Expectation management and staggered launch


The site won a Danish Internet Award in 2014 for best newsroom site.