Customer portal: Danish Recycling

For Dansk Retursystem we developed an extensive client portal. The project spanned over 6 months and 200 effective hours.

The solution is a “for customers only” shop which integrates with Dansk Retursystems Navision backend. On the site clients can manage their profile settings, create new product types and order packaging stickers for products they bring to market. The portal also features an advanced signup flow. All products and prices are retrieved from ¬†Navision and the creditcard gateway is based on Quickpay.

About Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem is a private non-profit organisation that has been given the exclusive national right to operate the massive Danish deposit and return system. They handle thousands of kinds of bottles and cans with beer, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, iced tea, ready-to-drink beverages and cider products. Every product brought to the danish beverage market must be registered in their system and have approved packaging markers applied.