Booking System: VUC

VUC approached us with a number of wishes for a complete teacher/student/PC booking system. Key requirements were for students to be able to book guidance sessions with teachers, teachers to book tests for students and a need for a flexible administrative interface.


I acted as project manager, handling a team of two backenders, one designer and two frontenders as well as lengthy customer workshopping and delivery.

The project was run fairly straight forward as a waterfall project with a few iterations at the end. A booking system is a complex beast and there were a number of items which the customer was unable to effectively specify until they were faced with a working prototype. In this way a number of details were not defined and delivered until the final stages.

Even so the project was completed within scope, budget and deadline.


  • on-the-fly availability and booking
  • allow users to cancel bookings via unique URL
  • flexible holiday/vacation messages
  • integrated SMS and email notifications
  • unlimited amount of calendars
  • unlimited amount of resources (teachers or PCs)