WordPress News Site – Søndagsavisen

“The Sunday Paper” is Denmarks largest newspaper measured by circulation, number of readers and geographic coverage. I acted as project manager for the duration of the project, coordinating with our frontenders, backenders, external partners, commercial partners and customer, to produce a new main site: www.sondagsavisen.dk. The site has around 1.5 million pageviews pr month, 150.000 of those are unique visitors.

We developed the information architecture and design. The CMS implementation happened in collaboration with our technical partners Entity51 and DotGL. WordPress was dictated by the customer as part of a company-wide strategy.  The improvements over the old Sitecore solution included an updated responsive design, as well as a vastly improved editor experience and workflow.


Project Features

  • Design and frontend workshops/iterations
  • Migration of sitedata from Sitecore
  • Dialogue with countless advertising partners
  • Staggered feature launch
  • Delivering content for 3rd party newsletter (Peytz)

Site Features

  • WordPress CMS
  • 8.000+ articles
  • Bootstrap responsive design
  • Extensive commercial/banner content
  • Newsletter API integration
  • Isotope dynamic layout
  • Custom competition plugin

About Søndagsavisen

First published in 1978, the paper edition is read by more than 1.25 million weekly readers.