Digital Solution Roadmap

National Natural Gas provider ‘Nature Energy’ tasked us with producing a digital solution roadmap for the years ahead. Instead of simply launching another web redesign project, NGF asked us to identify key areas where new/improved digital solutions could help them work smarter as a company and provide better services to their customers.


Information gathering centered around 12 internal stakeholders. Based on a quantative online survey we carried out qualitative/explorative interviews, which pursued themes hinted in the survey. These interviews were followed up by 2 full day workshops at NGFs headquarters in Odense, where we facilitated discussion and brainstorming amongst the stakeholders.  Finally the themes were condensed and structured into a written report, which suggested areas for further investment.

About NGF Nature Energy

Nature Energy is Denmark’s third largest natural gas provider. They deliver gas to about 46.000 customers every day, covering 20% of the nations commercial use.