K-9 School site

For the 3rd time in 12 years I’ve re-done billesborgskolen.dk. The school where I have both lived and worked on and off since 2002.

The first site was a static HTML site, since replaced by a Joomla site in 2008, and now being replaced by a responsive WordPress site. Who knows what will be next!


The site features an immersive one-page introduction for new parents and interested parties, complemented by more basic day-to-day information on the other pages. Employee information has been given more space based on Analytics data from the old site.

  • Facebook feed in footer
  • Blog posting via email
  • Parent testimonial content type
  • Timeline content type
  • News items content type
  • Application form

Site is live here: http://www.billesborgskolen.dk/