Responsive re-do of

In a massive 1.300+ hour project we rebuilt from the ground up. We took the markup from 5 years ago and updated it to a modern Bootstrap framework.

At the same time we added an advanced personalized content functionality allowing Sampension to target content at their logged-in customers, based on hundreds of specific variables and combinations of these. The result is a solution that allows editors to pinpoint information to customers that is always relevant, personal and up to date.


The project kicked off in October 2014 and successfully launched about 10 months later. The extended timeline was mainly a result of maintenance work carried out in parallel to the responsive re-do. This involved its own issues as far as keeping the development and live environments in sync as well as allocating resources for both.

The project began with more than a month’s breakdown and estimation process. We created a digital inventory and scoured the existing site for functionality that needed re-doing before giving Sampension our waterfall project plan and estimate.

Partnering with Advice Digital for the new design we also spoke with a number of Sampension’s 3rd party providers whose content was not responsive, and who needed to implement various changes to keep things running smoothly.

The project was delivered on schedule in October 2015 after having involved more than 30 individuals from Acto, Sampension, Advice Digital, Edlund, Falck and Schantz.