Res Ipsa Marketing Site

OBX Media designed the Res Ispa website using bold colors and consistent branding. The site was designed to be mobile responsive to ensure ease of use on mobile devices.

Because Res Ispa’s focus is on the production of marketing videos, OBX Media designed video pages to be fast loading and easy to view. “The main reason that prospective clients are visiting the site is to view examples of Res Ipsa’s videos,” commented Brooke Scarborough, Creative Director at Outer Banks Media. “It was crucial that the videos were attractively presented, easily navigated and quickly loaded on each page,” Scarborough added.

This simple, yet stylish website has great navigation with clear and effective messaging to allow visitors to easily find the information they are looking for. Their use of icons and bold graphics keeps the site eye-catching and lively. Each page gets right to the point, with a short contact form for inquiries, links to their social media accounts and testimonials to give Res Ispa credibility with their audience.