Working with Adobe XD

For the past years Photoshop and PSDs have been the main starting point for my work. In 2018 that changed as designers began delivering sites built in Adobe XD. And overall this change has been very positive.

Benefits of XD over Photoshop

Smaller Files

Gone are the days of 150+mb design comps that required a graphics-capable workstation to open and use. XD files are much smaller.

Visual Overview

Instead of toggling layers to find the views I need, XD lays it all out side by side making it much easier to navigate.



In the fall of 2018 Adobe released an update to XD that allows sharing a ‘spec’ version of a comp. Beyond the simple ‘view’ version, which basically shares a PNG, the spec version is similar to an inspector view of a website, showing detailed information.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Adobe offers unlimited cloud storage for sharing comps, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out old projects.

Easy Export of Assets

XD has made it very easy to export SVGs and other assets from the artboards.


I will continue to update this list as I work more with XD.